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Members of our Fleet Services and Vehicle Logistics team are responsible for ensuring all of EMAS's vehicles are safe, efficient, and effective.  

They also check that medical equipment on board vehicles (such as defibrillators) are in working order.

This team's vital work ensures that our crews and drivers can reach patients quickly and safely, and use essential life-saving equipment while on scene. They are EMAZing at what they do - and they have the awards to prove it.

EMAS has a fleet of over 700 vehicles, including emergency ambulances, fast response cars, specialised and driver training vehicles, and urgent care and patient transport vehicles.



“I really like working for EMAS as you know that you’re putting vehicles on the road so they can be used to respond to patients.
Also, it’s really nice to get the positive feedback from colleagues and the public.”

Paul Brooke - Mechanic