It is important for children to understand how their local ambulance service works and how to make a 999 call. The following materials will help you teach children and other members of your family.

An activity book has been created which is aimed at children below 12 years of age. It shows different scenarios and explains how to call 999. 



A colouring sheet aimed at children below 10 years of age.

The Laverick Award recognises children and young adults who have gone above and beyond to help another. The award is in memory of Nick Laverick, a paramedic team leader who died of cancer on his birthday in September 2013. When appropriate, we present children with the award at their school, usually during an assembly, to help share the message about when and how to call 999; and if the child and family consent, we share their story via the latest news section on our website and social media channels.

Our latest news web pages include a variety of stories that help you and your family understand how our service works, when to call 999 or another healthcare provider, and the type of response you can expect. Some of the stories include short videos available via our YouTube channel, where you can also find more resources.