Volunteer Operations Support Workers are a dedicated team of volunteers who support EMAS and it’s frontline in a number of different ways. 

As a Volunteer Operations Support Worker, you will be responsible for:

  • Supporting our Fleet team (moving ambulances and cars when required to support).
  • Transporting logistics/supplies to and from ambulance stations and hospitals.
  • Helping with logistics and administrative tasks on ambulance stations.
  • Delivering volunteer equipment and consumables to and from Community First Responder schemes.
  • Supporting the re-supply of equipment on vehicles.
  • Supporting frontline services in periods of extreme demand on the service including manual handling, Basic Life Support and driving.

A requirement of this role is to have at least a provisional C1 driving license with funding available to turn this into a full C1 license. 

To find out more about the role, or to register your interest, contact vosw@emas.nhs.uk