Rosea Poynter (1).jpegTechnicians are members of the emergency ambulance crew. You will respond to a wide range of emergency and urgent care incidents. You will work alongside an ambulance support worker (such as an Emergency Care Assistant or Ambulance Support Crew) or a Paramedic/registered clinician.

Technicians provide patients with life-saving care in the community or at the scene of an incident.

You will be required to:

  • Make clinical decisions.
  • Be the lead clinician if crewed up with an emergency care assistant or ambulance support crew.
  • Provide patients with potentially life-saving care at the scene as well as linking patients with alternative care pathways within the community.
  • Deal with a diverse range of people, situations and clinical conditions.
  • Travel across the area to reach patients.

The Technician role is a good option if you wish to progress to Paramedic level. EMAS has an established technician-to-paramedic apprenticeship pathway.

Apply to be a Technician at EMAS

To be a Technician at EMAS, you should:

  • Have Qualified Technician status (If applying for a Qualified Technician role).
  • Be committed to providing outstanding care for patients.
  • Have great communication skills and enjoy working in a person-facing role.
  • Have a full driving licence and at least a C1 provisional licence. (A full C1 licence is an essential requirement for the job and should be obtained prior to your first day in employment with EMAS)
  • Be motivated, committed and have personal resilience.
  • Work well within a team.
  • Be committed to continual professional development.

Refer to the person specification contained within the job description for full and detailed requirements.

We advertise Qualified Technician and Trainee Technician roles when vacancies are available.

  • View our Current Vacancies.
  • Find out how to apply.
  • All applications for jobs at East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust must be submitted via Trac. Sign in or create an account to get started.

Trainee Technician

Newly Qualified Technician (less than 1 year of experience)

Qualified Technicians (more than 1 year of experience)

EMAS recruits technicians who have developed with other ambulance services. We are keen to hear from qualified technicians who meet the following criteria:

  • IHCD Technician
  • FQ Associate Ambulance Practitioner
  • QA FREUC 5 Technician
  • SJA/BRC Ambulance Technician
  • University Level 4/5 (Cert/Dip HE) Technician 
  • Military Personnel with CMT 1 + Civilian Ambulance Experience. 

We will work with you to assess the suitability of your experience and qualifications for employment at EMAS.

Train to be a Technician

University (employed/non-employed) routes

EMAS works with several universities that offer Certificates or Diplomas of Higher Education (Level 4 or 5) in Ambulance Technician Practice.

Please check your preferred university website or prospectus for information about course entry requirements.

Internal training pathway

EMAS offers an internal training pathway for current employees. This enables trainees to study the First Response Emergency and Urgent Care Qualifications (FREUC) through levels 3-5. 

Completion of the internal programme of education and development leads to Newly Qualified Technician status.

Lance Allen thumbnail.jpg"I joined EMAS in February 2019, following redundancy. I have some very close friends who work in the ambulance service, and it had always intrigued me speaking to them about the help they provide to patients. I thought it was really interesting, so I took the plunge and completely retrained - and the rest is history. At the time I had family and financial commitments so university wasn't an option; but EMAS gave me the option of on-the-job training via the Student Technician route."

Lance Allen - Technician

Maisie Stimson.jpeg"I've always had a desire to work in the ambulance service, and when the opportunity arose, I snapped at the chance to join. I started as a Trainee Technician and haven't looked back. I've since progressed to a Qualified Technician and have been mentoring students of my own, and am also on the Special Operations Response Team. I plan to progress and become a Paramedic soon, which EMAS provides a lot of support with. EMAS is also very supportive regarding personal issues - there are several staff support networks, including LGBT+, BME and Women's Network. If you want  job satisfaction with lots of opportunities for progression and development, join EMAS and become EMAZING!"

Maisie StimsonTechnician and Special Operations Response Team (SORT) Responder

Andrew Corner Pic.jpg"I joined EMAS in April 2017. I have always been interested in joining the ambulance service, but my working life took me in different directions. I have always worked with and supported people in a variety of roles including Youth Worker and Community Programme Manager for a national charity. My mum always wanted me to work for the ambulance service; just before she sadly passed away, I promised her that one day I would apply and hopefully work for the ambulance service. In 2017 I fulfilled my promise. She continues to be my inspiration."

Andrew Corner - Technician