EMAS procures a variety of goods and services from a global supply chain network. Transactional activities are supported by the Procurement Team of its partner Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHC).

Suppliers are an important integral support to delivering the best healthcare service to the communities living, working and visiting the East Midlands.

As a public sector NHS Trust, EMAS must advertise and obtain quotations and tenders that encourage transparent, fair, and equal competition within the marketplace.

To receive notification of any contracts due for renewal or any tenders that are open to receive bids; suppliers are recommended to register on the following websites:


*The e-tendering software used by EMAS and NHC for all low value quotations (RFQs), local tenders and high value tenders

Find a Tender Service

Find a Tender replaced the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily for high value contracts in the UK on 1 January 2022 – thresholds (excluding vat) 

Goods and Services £115,633.30
Works       £4,447,447.50

as per World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA).

Contract Finders

All local public sector tenders over £10,000 must be advertised on Contracts Finder.


Suppliers can create their standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ), which is replacing the Prequalification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Please note: these websites are all free of charge and provide suppliers with access not only to EMAS opportunities, but to all public sector bodies.

EMAS has to adhere to NHS terms and conditions for purchasing goods and services.

EMAS are governed under the principles of the Public Contract Regulations 2015. 

Suppliers need to be aware of the Suppliers’ Code of Practice that has been issued by the Counter Fraud Authority. This guide shows what is expected from suppliers when engaging with the NHS.

Don't be put off by the tender documentation, always ask any clarification questions you may have.

  • Do answer in full - do not assume anything is obvious, or 'goes without saying'. A buyer can only evaluate what is written down in your answer.
  • Focus your answers on the questions - do not get side-tracked. Show how you will fulfil the requirements in the tender.
  • Be clear on your pricing model - state any assumptions.
  • Check that you have signed everything. Submissions that are not signed may be rejected.