If you have ever been to a rock concert, football or rugby match, or to watch motorbike or horse racing in the East Midlands, then you may have come across our Events team. They provide paramedic cover and expertise at an ever-increasing number of public events.

The Events team work closely with our Emergency Preparedness team who support our local authority partners in matters of public safety at events to ensure the right level of medical and first aid provision is available for the event.

To obtain a quote for the cost of emergency medical event cover, or to discuss your requirements, please contact Lorraine Harrison via email on Lorraine.harrison@emas.nhs.uk.

Please note: EMAS does not provide First Aid cover – this is higher-level paramedic cover. For First Aid cover please contact one of the voluntary aid societies such as St John Ambulance, British Red Cross or St Andrew’s Ambulance.