The Trust Board started discussions to develop a new EMAS strategy at Board Development sessions in October and November 2022 in response to the changing context nationally and locally. Following the involvement of Board members, a set of five draft strategic ambitions for the organisation were developed, and then we commenced significant engagement with staff, partners, and the public to inform the development of a new EMAS five-year strategy. Feedback has been used alongside national direction, local integrated care board strategies and our local EMAS context to develop the final strategy. Continuous oversight of the Board, and engagement with the senior leadership team throughout development has ensured that the document is aligned to the Board aspirations and is deliverable. 

EMAS five-year strategy

The strategy will be delivered through the development of a Annual Business Plan which was approved by the trust board in June 2023, and will be refreshed each year throughout the life of the new trust strategy.



Our Vision

"Responding to patient needs in the right way, developing our organisation to become outstanding for patients and staff, and collaborating to improve wider healthcare."

The Big 3: Respond | Develop | Collaborate

  • Respond: We will respond to patient needs in the most appropriate way
  • Develop: We will develop our organisation to become outstanding for patients and staff
  • Collaborate: We will collaborate with partners and other organisations to reduce healthcare demand and improve wider healthcare.

Our Ambitions

The strategy sets out five strategic ambitions:

  • We will deliver outstanding patient care by developing new, innovative clinical practices and by working in collaboration with our partners and the public.
  • We will be an attractive employer of choice, developing and retaining highly skilled, engaged and diverse people reflective of our local communities.
  • We will deliver improved outcomes for our patients through the most appropriate equipment, technology, vehicles and facilities.
  • We will deliver safe, effective, compassionate care for patients, embedding a culture of compassion, continuous improvement and productivity.
  • We will work in partnership to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and wellbeing of our population and ensure sustainability.

    New ambitions.png


Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do, including the way we deliver services and how we all work with others. By living these values and supporting others to do the same, we will help to make sure that EMAS is an organisation we can all be proud of. 

Together with our staff and volunteers, we refreshed our values as part of the development of our five-year strategy. We have added compassion in recognition of the compassionate care that our staff deliver, and the need to maintain and improve the compassionate culture throughout the organisation. Competence, previously one of our values, remains an underpinning requirement of all our staff. 

  • Respect: Respect for our patients and each other.
  • Integrity: Acting with integrity by doing the right thing for the right reasons.
  • Contribution: Respecting and valuing everyone's contribution and encouraging innovation.
  • Teamwork: Working together, supporting each other, and collaborating with other organisations. 
  • Compassion: Ensure that compassion is central to both the care we provide and how we treat one another.