Apprentices play an important role at EMAS. We currently employ a number of apprentices in a variety of roles and we consider them to be a vital part of our services.

EMAS' apprenticeship programmes offer aspiring individuals of all ages the opportunity to pursue a career in the ambulance service and gain a nationally-recognised qualification.

We recruit apprentices on a fixed term, need-by-need basis, as these vacancies arise, in partnership with apprenticeship providers. Positions are advertised via Trac.

Please note: We do not offer these apprenticeships for clinical positions in our accident and emergency and non-emergency patient transport teams.

You can start an apprenticeship if you are: 

  • aged 16 or over - there’s no upper age limit
  • not currently enrolled in education (full or part-time).

You can have previous qualifications (like a degree) before starting an apprenticeship, as long as it is not in the same subject at the same level or lower.

  • Receive a salary while you learn with a team of experts.
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Can lead to diverse options for career progression
  • Learn about the NHS and social care systems
  • Enjoy student and NHS discounts.

Award-winning apprenticeships

EMAS was awarded the Apprentice Employer of the Year (Large Enterprise) Award by Nottingham Trent University in 2023.

The award was presented in recognition of EMAS' work to support and promote apprenticeships within our service, including the Paramedic Apprenticeship route (which supports career progression of ambulance technicians to paramedics), and the level 7 Senior Leaders Apprenticeship programme.

EMAS celebrates all of their apprentices each year during National Apprenticeships Week.


Head of Cleaning Services at EMAS gives her top tips to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship.

"My advice to anyone taking a similar qualification would be to take some time at the beginning to scope out the landscape of the course and start thinking about what's happening within the organisation or within your own workplace over the duration of the apprenticeship. You can use that then to focus your learning.

"I'd also suggest trying to find areas of weakness. Then speak openly with your mentors, line manager, and colleagues about how you can bridge some of those gaps.

"If you struggle with maintaining a work-life balance, that is absolutely normal. It is challenging to fit in studying whilst you are learning. But always reach out to the people around you. EMAS have been so supportive to me. This is a fantastic opportunity to do some studying whilst working.

"The feeling of walking away with the qualification at the end, is going to far outweigh the challenges I've faced along the way."

Head of Cleaning Services, Nicci Penk gives her top tips to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship.


“Having worked for EMAS as an Ambulance Technician for a number of years already, the apprenticeship route to obtaining a Paramedic qualification was perfect. I was able to earn while I studied and continue to develop with the people I know and have worked with for many years. I had previously finished an unrelated degree via the traditional route; in comparison, my apprenticeship at EMAS gave me invaluable industry experience alongside the academic learning, something which is vital in this role. I’m now the owner of a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours which has opened many doors for my future with the ambulance service.”

Jenna Clarkson - Qualified Paramedic