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We are currently recruiting for qualified paramedics and technicians. 

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EMAS Emergency Medical Dispatcher answering 999 calls

We’ve compared December 2016 and 2015 data. It shows that in December 2016 EMAS received 18.6% more calls and lost 2,000 more hours to hospital handover delays reducing our ability to get to patients waiting in the community. Despite this we:

  • Got to 1,485 more life-threatening calls within eight minutes
  • Took 1.5% less patients to an Emergency Department eg we treated more on scene/referred them to a more appropriate service


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Starting out as a trainee technician is a great way of beginning a career in the ambulance service. EMAS is committed to developing our technicians and ambulance care assistants. Watch our video with Deepesh to hear him talk about his progression from technician to team leader. 

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About EMAS

East Midlands Ambulance Service provides emergency 999 care and telephone clinical assessment services for a population of 4.8 million people. 

On average we receive a new 999 call every 43 seconds - around 2,000 a day.

Our vision is 'to deliver outstanding sustainable emergency and urgent care services across the communities of the East Midlands'.

In an emergency call 999. If it's not an emergency but you still need medical help, call telephone number 111.