Date published: 17 January 2024

In November last year we announced that the LGBT+ Network managed to secure the Rainbow Accreditation from the Derbyshire LGBT+ charity. This was due to the network’s ongoing commitment alongside the wider organisation to Become fully LGBT+ affirmative.

In formal recognition of this achievement, both the CEO and Manager for the Derbyshire LGBT+ Charity, Ian Robson and Ryan Devereaux respectively, came along to Horizon Place in Nottingham to present members of the Committee with a physical plaque.

The plan will be to display this within our reception area at Horizon Place as soon as possible, so our commitment to LGBT+ inclusivity is visible to all colleagues and visitors.

Members of the Network Committee were joined by Melanie Wright, Assistant Director of Communications and Executive Level Sponsor for the Network; Sue Cousland, Divisional Director for Lincolnshire; and Ben Holdaway, Director of Operations.

Maisie Stimson, Lincolnshire Lead for the Network said:

“Being awarded this plaque demonstrates all the hard work that we as a network have put in to not only improve our visibility but also in enhancing the care and treatment that we give to our LGBT+ patients and colleagues.

“I was proud to be able to attend as a representative of the Lincolnshire region.Our rainbow LGBT+ partnership accreditation plaque, symbolizing our commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The pride colours feature in the middle of the plaque within a square.

“As part of the assessment for the accreditation I was able to share my story as a woman of trans experience and detail the help that EMAS and some of my colleagues have put in to help me come out and be comfortable at work as my true self.

“This is a true example of the hard work that we’ve been putting in as a network to ensure this kind of care and support is given to everyone, no matter what the situation may be.”

Anthony Sinclair, interim-Chair of the Network added:

“We had some really educational and thought-provoking conversations with Ian and Ryan from the Derbyshire LGBT+ Charity, which reminded us all of why the work we’ve been doing to gain this accreditation continues to add important value to our organisation.

“This is testament to the hard work of the network and its allies, with the support of senior management, in creating an inclusive and safe working environment which allows our colleagues to bring their whole self to work.”