Working together to help protect adults and children in our community.

EMAS has a responsibility to report any incident where there are grounds to suggest that an adult or child is at risk of suffering abuse or where there are concerns about individual’s circumstances.

This is in accordance with The Care Act 2014 and The Children Act 1989 (2004). 

EMAS has a role not to investigate concerns but to ensure that these concerns are passed to the relevant agency so that appropriate action can be taken.

Safeguarding training remains a priority for EMAS and is completed by all staff. The level of training depends on the staff role and is in line with national practice.

EMAS works in partnership with all the local Safeguarding Boards for adults and children in the East Midlands.

What should I do if I suspect abuse?

1. Assess the situation and try to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the individual.

2. If you think the emergency services are needed then call 999 immediately.

3. If the situation is not an emergency call your Local Authority Social Care Services.