Patient Transport Service

Patient Transport Service

Two patient transport service crew members wearing green uniform walking in outdoor area on the pavement smiling towards the patient who they are transporting in a wheelchair.  The elderly female patient sat in the wheelchair also smiling.

Updates to our Patient Transport Service to Support COVID-19 Planning – Tuesday 3 November 2020

As part of our response to COVID-19, we are taking steps to ensure that our Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) is able to convey patients as safely as possible. We are still continuing to support social distancing measures by seating patients away from crews and asking patients and their chaperone to wear protective face masks.

We will call you ahead of your appointment to ask a series of question. 

We understand you will have already gone through some of these questions before, however it is important for us to triage all our patients and their chaperones in advance to ensure your safety and the safety of our other patients and staff.

These steps significantly reduce our capacity and limit our ability to provide transport for those most in need. Please consider whether you are able to drive yourself before requesting transport.

If you could travel with a member of your household, friend or close family member from your ‘support bubble’ (if there is only is one adult in your home, you can expand your support network so that it includes one other household of any size), as these methods are the safest means of transport for you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on how support bubbles work, please visit the government website. 

As healthcare providers reinstate their services, changes are taking place gradually and at different stages in different areas. We will support these changes by ensuring transport is available appropriately.

If you feel that PTS is the only option available to you, please call 0300 300 3434

About our Patient Transport Services

EMAS provides non-emergency patient transport for patients who are registered with GPs in Derbyshire (including the Chesterfield area) and Northamptonshire. This service is for patients who need medical or clinical support to get to and from their healthcare appointments. Entitlement to transport will depend on whether the patient meets the eligibility criteria set out by the local clinical commissioning group. 

Please note that patients who receive higher rate Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments are no longer be eligible for free patient transport. 

Older male patient in a wheelchair holding a walking stick waves at the camera while being wheeled into the patient transport ambulance.

All patients will go through an eligibility criteria assessment when booking their transport.

Patient transport is available for patients who:

  • require assistance from skilled ambulance staff e.g. require access to oxygen whilst travelling.
  • have a medical condition that would prevent them from travelling to hospital by any other means.
  • have a medical condition that might put them at risk from harm if they were to travel independently.
  • have treatment with side effects that requires support from skilled ambulance staff.

Booking Line: 0300 300 3434

EMAS takes on new patient transport services

In August 2019 it was announced that EMAS will be the new provider of non-emergency patient transport services in Chesterfield to align activity with our wider Derbyshire contract. The new service launched on 1 December following close work with Derbyshire commissioners, Arriva Transport Solutions Ltd and Chesterfield Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to ensure a smooth transition of services for both patients and staff.  

In October 2019, EMAS was confirmed as the preferred provider of patient transport services for Northamptonshire. We will be working on a step in basis for the remaining duration of the contract (2022) whilst the commissioner reviews future options regarding the service. Commissioners have worked closely with us, Thames Ambulance Service (the current provider of PTS in Northamptonshire), and key stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of services for both patients and staff, which went live on 1 December 2019.