Media enquiries

Media enquiries

The EMAS communications team are keen to work with journalists to promote the work of the ambulance service.

Media enquiries should be made during office hours, Monday to Friday.

Elizabeth Fry, Communications Officer - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
Tel: 0115 884 5807 
Mobile: 07966 521284

Kirsty Latham, Communications Officer - Lincolnshire
Mobile: 07812 660645

Michaela Soltys, Communications Officer - Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire

Mobile: 07813 004014

What we can help with:    

  • Interview requests relating to EMAS press releases and news stories
  • Requests to interview staff and patients
  • General questions about EMAS
  • Filming requests on any EMAS property
  • Requests from TV producers and documentary makers
  • Information about incidents that have happened in a public place. Please note, we need the location of the incident before we can provide any details. The information shared will be in line with current legislation.

Information we can’t help with:

  • Condition checks on patients that are no longer in our care
  • Specific details about an incident which would reveal sensitive, confidential information about the patient
  • Complicated enquiries out of normal office hours – these will be dealt with on the next working day.

Out of hours contact details

Our communications team operate an on-call system for very urgent enquiries relating to large, major events or incidents. All routine enquiries will be dealt with during normal office hours.

The on-call officer is Annie Palmer who can be contacted on 07854 121563.