Date published: 28 November 2023

At EMAS, we have various EMAZING volunteer roles who help keep the service running. One of those are our lovely volunteer car drivers taking patients from and to clinics and hospital in the community.

The Volunteer Car Service is an integral and valued part of the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service. We are extremely grateful to have them as part of the green family as always.

Here Anne Johnson, Graham Gough and Rob Barker shared in an interview how a day of their volunteering is like, why they chose to join EMAS as volunteer car driver and how they feel about the service.


Think your family and friends might be interested in volunteering? The NEPTS team is now recruiting volunteer car drivers in Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

Check out the EMAS website for further recruitment details and application procedure.

Learn more about the requirement of a volunteer car driver:

Volunteer Car Drivers :: East Midlands Ambulance Service (