Date published: 8 June 2022

June is LGBT+ Pride Month which is celebrated annually to honour the 1969 Stonewall riots and works to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for LGBT+ members of the community.

We will be acknowledging Pride Month at EMAS by allowing all colleagues to wear rainbow laces throughout June if they wish to do so. 

Caroline Scott, Chair of the LGBT+ Network said: “It’s great news that EMAS recognises the importance of us being able to acknowledge Pride Month as an event of historical importance by allowing colleagues to wear rainbow laces throughout the month of June.

“I hope the sight of rainbow laces on boots sparks curiosity and questions from patients, their families and the general public to provide us with the opportunity to spread the word and educate as many different people as possible about the significance of Pride Month and why we need this representation.

“Not every LGBT+ individual has the same legal rights that we now have in the UK. Being gay in certain countries is still punishable by death. That is why it is important to acknowledge LGBT History Month so that the LGBT+ community can see that they have a voice, they are not alone, and that lessons can be learned by us all to gain equality.

“As a network, we will be exploring the possibility of colleagues being allowed to wear the rainbow laces throughout the year and not just in June. We will provide an update in the near future.”

The overall aims of the network are to create a supportive working environment and policy framework for EMAS’ LGBT+ colleagues, whilst also encouraging all staff, volunteers and students within EMAS to understand the needs of the LGBT+ community within the East Midlands