Date published: 29 December 2023

For Olivia Brown, this will be her first Christmas working as a newly qualified paramedic for EMAS. She joined us in August 2023, after completing three years of training.

To keep warm while working out on the road responding to patients who need us in Nottinghamshire, Olivia said: “I’ll be wearing my Christmas fluffy socks!”

“Like most people, if I wasn’t working, I would be spending the Christmas period celebrating with my friends and family, but it just means it’s an excuse for me to have multiple ‘mini-Christmases’ throughout the festive season."

As Olivia says, Christmas is usually the time of year where families who have not seen each other in a long time, take the opportunity for a much needed catch-up and spend much needed quality time together. This means that declines in the health of loved ones can become very noticeable, with relatives usually concerned enough to seek medical advice.

“At this time of year, we are usually called to elderly patients by their relatives concerned about their health and welfare.

“Most patients and their relatives are appreciative of our attendance and continuous hard work throughout the year.”

Olivia wishes everyone across our region a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

“One great tip for a safe and happy Christmas is to prioritise moderation. Whether it’s with food, drinks, or activities. This helps maintain a balance, ensuring everyone’s well-being, while enjoying the festivities.”