Date published: 29 December 2023

Based in Daventry in Northamptonshire, Wasim joined EMAS in October 2018, having graduated as a Paramedic.

“I live in the West Midlands but chose to train as a student paramedic at Northampton University. I love working in the county and with the team at EMAS.

“Being based in a rural station, I get to spend more time with my patients because the journey to hospital will take at least 30-minutes, so when I’ve provided treatment on scene, I generally get to see the impact as we travel. Colleagues based in a city have much shorter travel times to hospital, so don’t often get to see the positive impact they have. I enjoy spending time with patients - I love that part, as for me, it’s about being able to provide the best care.

“This year I worked Christmas Day as overtime. My regular rostered shift will see me working on New Year’s Eve during the daytime, and then I’m working the night shift on New Year’s Day.

“Since qualifying as a Paramedic, I’ve worked every Christmas and New Year, bar one. As a Muslim, I don’t celebrate Christmas, however, I have family visiting from abroad - my sisters live in Dubai and Georgia - so when I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with them and showing them the local sights.

“During my Christmas shift I responded to a few patients who had tried hard to soldier on despite feeling unwell, or they delayed calling because they didn’t want to leave their loved ones. They were very grateful and appreciative for the care and treatment provided to relieve some of their symptoms while we travelled to hospital.

“One couple also explained that they hadn’t realised that our service would be available during the Christmas holiday. As a blue-light NHS organisation we are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, there are other health services available over the festive period, so it’s important that people seek help early when they start to feel unwell – it’s what we’re here for in the NHS, and it may help prevent their condition deteriorating further.”

The website allows people to check their symptoms and find local services are available to them, or they can access or call 111 for advice if they’re not sure what to do.

“During my previous Christmas and New Year shifts, it’s clear as the day progresses that more people call because they have become unwell or injured due to alcohol consumption. Alcohol can also lead to negative feelings, meaning some feel angry, depressed, or anxious and it is difficult for them to deal with. I’ve also responded to people who have been involved in road traffic collisions due to drink driving.

Wasim’s experiences have influenced his top tips for this New Year.

“Remember we are available for medical emergencies, so please call if you feel someone’s life is at risk. If you need medical advice and you can make your own way to a treatment centre, please do, as that keeps our emergency ambulances available for those who really need them.

“If you’re planning to celebrate the New Year with alcohol, know your limit, and make sure you agree who will be your designated driver to ensure you all arrive home safely.”

Paramedic Mohamed Wasim Mughal

When Wasim joined EMAS he was the first practicing Muslim to join the Northamptonshire team.

“The management team, my Emergency Operations Centre and Northamptonshire colleagues have been really supportive in terms of diversity and allowing me to fit prayer times into my working shift. I have no intention of leaving the service – I enjoy the variety of patients we respond to, and the people I work with.”

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