Date published: 26 December 2023

Our holiday hero today is Jo Parkinson.

Being a holiday hero and working over the festive period is new to Jo.  

Team Leader Jo has worked at EMAS for two and a half years, starting as an Emergency Medical Adviser (EMA) taking emergency 999 calls. Before this, Jo was a teacher, so had never worked over the festive period before. 

"I am a Team Leader at Bracebridge Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and have worked for EMAS for two and a half years, starting as an EMA. Before this, I was a teacher, so working over Christmas is very new to me and something I was initially worried about, as I have a five-year-old daughter who is very excited for Christmas!" 

Jo will be working Boxing Day and New Year this year. She is very proud to be working because people need help no matter what day it is.  

"I was due to work Christmas Day but was very lucky to get it off, which means I get to spend the day with my daughter.  

"I will be working the Boxing Day night shift and joining in with the festivities in the control room for part of it.  

"Although I have been very lucky this year to spend Christmas Day with my daughter, I am very proud to work over the festive period as people still need us no matter what day it is.  

Jo enjoys working New Year’s Eve because she gets a great view of the firework displays from the control room. 

"New Year's Eve is an enjoyable shift as our control room is at the top of the hill, so the view of the fireworks is fantastic!" 

Let’s give a big thank you to Jo for sacrificing Boxing Day and New Year to help those in need. 

Help us help you – keep ambulances for medical emergencies. Use NHS 111 if it’s not an emergency. 

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