Date published: 28 December 2023

Our holiday hero today is Faye Nicholls, who is our Head of Performance and Information and is on call for New Year’s Day for her team.

Faye will have been with EMAS for nine years in January and leads the Performance Management and Information Team.

The team support a range of work across EMAS from providing data and analytics to forecasting. This information is reported internally to allow our operational teams to plan ahead, and regionally and nationally to support the oversight of the healthcare system by NHS England. The team also provide information for press enquiries and Freedom of information requests.

Outside normal office hours over the festive period, Faye and her team will provide support to ensure key reporting takes place and take action if there are any issues with this critical information getting to those who need it to make decisions around how we provide care to patients.

Faye’s Christmas and New Year are usually a bit different as her husband works for the fire service.

She said: “I think with children and a partner who is also in the emergency services – the biggest challenge for us (as with lots of families in a similar position) is getting time with us all together over the festive period, rather than tag team.”

Thankfully, this year her husband is off for Christmas, so they’ll get to spend it with family.

Faye added: “I hope everyone enjoys Christmas and gets to make the most of time with loved ones.”