Date published: 1 November 2023

A much-loved colleague, who has had a huge impact on the training of our students for over 20 years, took her well-deserved retirement last month. 

Assistant Director of Education and Organisational Development (OD), Nicky Fothergill, who will be known to many colleagues having worked in the education of students since 1997, has retired after 36 years of ambulance service. 

Nicky started her career in the ambulance service as an Ambulance Woman in 1987, progressing through to become a Paramedic by 1992, before then rising in her career through education to her final role at EMAS. 

Nicky's role in staff development has been pivotal in shaping education within our organisation and beyond. With decades of contributions to ambulance driving education, she has not only honed the skills of countless individuals but has also played a significant role in influencing regional and national regulations.  

Nicky's line manager said: "Nicky has impacted so many lives and career journeys, she is definitely a can-do person. Solution driven, knowledgeable, proactive and professional in her approach. 

"I am so pleased that Nicky has been able to have such a positive impact on all of the teams and our students - eventually through to positive patient care.  

"She is a great leader, and I will really miss her work, sense of humour, team contribution, tenacity and support."

Nicky Fothergill receiving long service awards.jpg

Nicky is pictured above receiving long service awards from Finance Director Mike Naylor and Chief Executive Richard Henderson.

Her dedication to being a great leader is reflected in the messages from her team that were received on her retirement. 

"I have learned through your example how to stay positive and true to myself, not be afraid to say no. I will miss you and your strong team ethics, you have always had our backs and I thank you for that."

"Thank you for your dedication, hard work and tireless efforts in shaping education both locally and nationally. Thank you too for allowing me (and the rest of the Education team) to make mistakes, learn from them and confidently move on."

Nicky (who is pictured below leaving our Education Centre in Lincolnshire on her last day) plans to spend more time with her family during her retirement.

Nicky Fothergill retirement day 800x500.jpg