Trust Board

Trust Board

 Will and Vijay sat in a Trust Board meeting.

Our Trust Board have overall corporate responsibility for the running of EMAS. The main role of the Trust Board is to guide the overall strategic direction of the organisation, including planning for our current challenges and future priorities – ensuring that we can set and meet our objectives.  

Our Trust Board is led by a Chairman and comprises of Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors.

Non-Executive Directors have roles and responsibilities outside EMAS. This allows them to bring an alternative viewpoint and draw upon external experience when discussing and agreeing upon the direction of our Trust – bringing an important balance to the Board.

Register of Interests 

Public Board Meetings

Our Trust Board meet every two months. These are held in public with a commitment to ensuring that their decision making is transparent and open. There will, however, be occasions when, due to the nature of the issue to be discussed, the Board is required to meet in private.

You are invited to attend any of our public board meetings. It is not essential to inform us that you will be attending, although this would be helpful for planning purposes. Confirming your attendance also allows us to ensure that we are able to make appropriate arrangements to accommodate any specific accessibility or communication needs that you may have. If you wish to inform us that you will be attending, please contact the Governance Team on 0115 884 5103 or email

Copies of the meeting papers can be made available for collection on arrival if requested before 4.30pm on the Thursday prior to each meeting. Meeting papers will not be available at the meeting unless requested in advance.