Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity

EMAS is committed to the active promotion of equality and human rights to ensure fair and equal access to services, and ensuring the care and welfare of all patients. 

This means respecting and involving service users and organisations such as Healthwatch, local authorities, equality networks and the voluntary sector.

This demonstrates our commitment to respond to discrimination and harassment, promoting equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and ensuring dignity and respect whilst we provide treatment and care. 

This commitment also extends to the way in which we involve, support, empower and develop our staff.

Our Equality and Diversity Manager provides advice and support and drives progress on equalities across the Trust. For example, equality and diversity learning outcomes are integrated into the induction process and essential education, and we have a Diversity Inclusion Group that monitors progress on equality and diversity. 

You can read our Equality and Diversity Annual Report which details our priorities for 2017-2018. 

You can also read our Workforce Race Equality Standard document.

The EDS is a toolkit that can help NHS organisations improve the services they provide for their local communities, consider health inequalities in their locality and provide better working environments, free of discrimination, for those who work in the NHS. Developed by the NHS for the NHS, the EDS also helps NHS organisations to meet the public sector Equality Duty.

The document 'Evaluation of the Equality Delivery System (EDS) for the NHS' showcases the good practice being undertaken by Trusts across the country, including East Midlands Ambulance Service.

More about the NHS Equality Delivery System


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