Patient Voice

Patient Voice

A photo of our group of Patient Voice volunteers with our Director of Quality Nichola Bramhall and Patient Voice Vice-Chair John Crouch.  Everyone is smiling towards the camera, stood in the corner of a large room in front of blue chairs with 1 lilac wall and 1 white wall that have a windows showing greenery outside.

EMAS Patient Voice is a group of volunteers chaired by the Senior Head of Quality; supported by patient representative and Vice-Chair John Crouch. 

The EMAS group meets every two months, virtually via Microsoft Teams, as do our subgroups looking at more local issues in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. Other county-based groups are being created. 

Patient Voice:

  • give the patient perspective on the way we operate and help us to develop services and make them more patient friendly,
  • act as the link between patients and the Board, allowing us to report back to both parties and keep the conversations and development work going, 
  • are ambassadors for EMAS, providing interesting and informative information about EMAS in their local areas, and
  • prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, group members visited various parts of our service including ambulance stations and our Emergency Operations Centres (control rooms), and engaged with patients and staff wherever possible and appropriate. When circumstances allow, we will commence such visits again as well as hold face-to-face meetings.

After each visit or piece of work the group are involved in, they produce a report and submit it to our Quality Governance Committee or Patient Experience team so that we can review the findings and better hear the patient voice.

If you are interested in joining the EMAS Patient Voice team, or a more local team in the county where you live, please email