Support services colleague is on call 24/7 over the festive period

Support services colleague is on call 24/7 over the festive period

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Over the Christmas and New Year period, members of our Information Management and Technology (IM&T) team will be on call in case there are any issues with our systems; such as our ambulance dispatch system, servers or electronic patient records; which could impact on patient care.

Dennis Keen is a Technical Support Analyst in our IM&T team and has worked at EMAS for around seven years. For six of those years, he has been on call for Christmas, New Year and the period in between. 

Dennis said: “A lot of the other team members have children and I’m happy to be on call. 

“Generally, we’re called if there is a problem with our IT systems. I’m the first point of contact for the team and then I’ll help with the problem if I can or if it’s a more of a specialised issue, I’ll contact one of my colleagues from the IM&T team who also on call.”

Dennis is available 24/7 for Christmas week but hopefully he is able to enjoy Christmas Day with his dogs Molby and Paisley. 

He said: “I have often gone out for Christmas dinner early with my family, but this year I’ll be having Christmas dinner with my dogs.”

When asked what the best Christmas present he’s received is, Dennis said a ZX Spectrum computer.

He said: “I was into computing from an early age and got a ZX Spectrum in the 1980s. I loved it. It would be worth a fortune if I still had it now.”

Dennis is just one of the colleagues who work in our Support Services who will be on call over Christmas and New Years, including our Performance Information Management team, our Communications team and our Executive Directors.

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