Northamptonshire paramedic swapping Christmas for community care

Northamptonshire paramedic swapping Christmas for community care

Female paramedic in uniform with bag of gifts in front of ambulance
Kerry enjoys bringing gifts to give to crews and colleagues she sees out on the road on Christmas day

Working over the Christmas period is nothing out of the ordinary for Northamptonshire Paramedic Kerry Aldridge, who has worked each Christmas since joining EMAS in 2018.

For Kerry, 39, this year will be a chance to enjoy some of the festivities with her crewmates based at Wellingborough Station, which were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years.

She said: “For the first time in two years, it will be nice to take part in some more Christmassy activities with my colleagues based at station and get into the festive spirit.

“There is always plenty of Christmas food on station which keeps us going throughout the day!”

When looking back at the types of jobs covered over Christmas, one will always stick out to Kerry from December 2021.

“The one job that I will always remember is delivering a baby on Christmas day 2021.

“The baby arrived at 00:40 so we actually thought we had the first one born on Christmas but we later found out we had been pipped to the post by one born only a few minutes earlier!”

Kerry, originally from South Shields, instead will be celebrating Christmas on 27 December with her husband and children.

She said: “The best present I could have this year is to spend time with my family both here and up north.

“My children are older now so they understand why we celebrate a little differently, but I can’t wait to be with them all.”