Generator goes green at Lincolnshire 999 control room

Generator goes green at Lincolnshire 999 control room

Estates staff member with ear defenders on in front of the Lincolnshire generator

Our generator at Bracebridge Heath, in Lincolnshire, will now be powered by waste vegetable oil as part of our efforts to be environmentally sustainable.

Following a resilience test, we have replaced the diesel fuel in the generator with biodiesel fuel.

The fuel is hydrotreated vegetable oil, which is made from 100% renewable materials, is fossil-free, and generates up to 90% less greenhouse gases.

This change to biodiesel supports the delivery of the Greener NHS Net Zero ambition, and three further generators, one at Horizon Place and two at Beechdale Headquarters in Nottingham, will be moved onto the new fuel.

Thank you to William Andersen from the Estates team who oversaw the process at Bracebridge Heath.

Andy Start, Head of Estates, said: "We are very proud to help EMAS take the next step towards reducing emissions, and to support our organisation in striving towards the NHS ambition of becoming Net Zero.”