Belated Christmas Day for 999 call handler

Belated Christmas Day for 999 call handler

This year 999 Call Handler Patricia Little will be celebrating Christmas on 27 December with her family as she and her husband, who is a paramedic, were both working a night shift on Christmas Eve and are on again tonight.

Patricia has been a 999 Call Handler at our Emergency Operations Centre in Lincolnshire for five years, and prior to that worked as a Dental Nurse for 26 years, 13 years of which was in the Royal Air Force.

She has worked various shifts over Christmas and New Year previously, so has lots of experience of working this time of year.

Patricia said: “We get similar calls to other days this time of year – so chest pains, breathing problems, falls, some choking, etc. We also get calls around people who have overdone the celebrating a bit. So, you can prepare yourself to a certain degree but then, in this job, you never know what calls you will get.

“I hope everyone stays safe when celebrating this year, but we are here if you need us.”

In Patricia’s team, they usually do a Secret Santa on Christmas Day, if they are working, to keep everyone’s spirits up and before COVID-19, they would all bring in some food for a buffet.

She said: “There’s always plenty of food this time of year.”

When asked what her best present ever has been, Patricia said that four years ago she was given a springer spaniel puppy. Milo is now coming up to his fourth Christmas with the family and is looking forward to investigating the presents under the tree.

Patricia Little with Milo the dog.jpg