NHS England boss visits EMAS crews in Leicester

NHS England boss visits EMAS crews in Leicester

Amanda Pritchard, NHS England boss, stood smiling with paramedics in front of an ambulance

The Chief Executive of NHS England paid a special visit to Leicester Royal Infirmary’s emergency department last week to speak to colleagues about what it’s really like out on the frontline at the moment.

Amanda Pritchard, who took on the top NHS job in August this year, had come to Leicester to learn about the Crisis Response Service – a new project launched by the Integrated Care System (ICS) where social care staff respond to non-injury falls.

Amanda Pritchard looking inside an ambulance welfare van, with several EMAS staff wearing face masks

After her visit to the ICS, she travelled to the hospital where she spoke to Charlotte Walker, Head of Operations for East Leicestershire, and on-duty ambulance technicians Rebecca Dicaprio and Victoria Colford.

Charlotte said: “It was great to meet Amanda and we had a good chat about the physical and mental challenges as a result of COVID-19, as well as the main issues facing our crews at the moment.

“Rebecca and Victoria also talked about our ambulance crews’ efforts to avoid taking patient to ED where possible when it’s not necessary, and instead utilising primary care and mental health services.

“Amanda especially loved the welfare ambulance which was down at LRI providing hot drinks and a safe space for our colleagues.”

Following her conversation with our colleagues, Amanda spent also some time in the emergency department speaking to their frontline staff before returning to London.