New specialist practitioner team helps reduce hospital admissions

New specialist practitioner team helps reduce hospital admissions

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We have already welcomed 25 specialist practitioners with more expected over the coming months.

A new team of specialist paramedics have been helping patients to avoid unnecessary trips to hospital.

The specialist practitioners have been in place since October, and were recruited after completing a rigorous selection process and undergoing advanced clinical training.

By working together across our organisation, and with our wider health partners, the specialist practitioners will help reduce the number of patients taken to hospital, freeing up emergency crews to deal with those who are seriously ill patients and really need to be taken there.

Their advanced clinical skills mean they can deal with more patients on the scene, getting them the right help in the right place, referring them on to appropriate services were necessary.

This animation explains more.

In the first few months of operation they have already attended over 1,000 patients, of which less than 35% were taken to hospital.

Examples of successes so far include:

  • A volunteer community responder attended a nursing home, where a patient had a head wound. The responder specifically requested a specialist practitioner who attended and took a detailed background history of the patient, dealt with the wound and was able to keep them in the home, preventing admission to hospital.
  • A crew attended a patient with complex medical needs, and requested an SP for a second opinion. Through shared decision-making with the patient, the specialist practitioner and crew were able to work collaboratively to come to a decision about where to refer them and avoided an unnecessary hospital admission.


Dr Leon Roberts, MBE, Executive Medical Director, said: “This role is fantastic news for our staff, patients and the wider health system. It means more and more patients will be able to receive treatment in the most appropriate setting for them, reducing unnecessary trips to hospital and ensuring they get the care they really need.

“At the same time this frees up our crews to attend the most seriously ill patients who really do need to attend the Emergency Department. We’ve had some great feedback from colleagues across the health system in the first few weeks of operation and we’re looking forward to being able to expand the service further next year.”

The role was created in response to staff and patient feedback and it is hoped it will offer an exciting career progression opportunity to our staff. EMAS is passionate about retaining and training clinical talent, as part of our Big 3 vision, and this exciting role is one way in which we are committed to doing this.

The role is currently open to applications until Wednesday 13 January at 23:59. You can apply by visiting our vacancies page.