International Nurses' Day

International Nurses' Day

Deborah Powell.png

For this International Nurses' Day we're highlighting the variety of roles nurses do in our organisation, including Deborah Powell who is our Frequent Caller Lead and a registered nurse.

Former triage nurse Deborah spotted the need for a dedicated role to help frequent callers while working in our Emergency Operations Centre and now she leads the team in supporting these patients and our Emergency Operations Centre and frontline colleagues.

Deborah has worked in the NHS for 37 years, and continues to help pioneer the ‘Blue Light Project’ (an initiative to develop alternative approaches and care pathways for drinkers led by Alcohol Change) and strive towards the best and most appropriate care for our patients.

Deborah and her team work with other professionals involved with frequent callers including GPs, social care, mental health teams, substance misuse teams and other emergency services, to try to provide the best care for patients by identifying support networks to improve their experience and help reduce the need for them to call 999.

Her work also helps reduce the impact of frequent calls on the Emergency Operations Centre and frontline colleagues.

Deborah said: “Often these calls are made by those with alcohol or mental health issues who struggle to access mainstream health services, so we try every way we can to help them engage with the appropriate support and care. This also means our call handlers and crews have more time to help those who need emergency care.” 

Thank you to all the nurses in our service, and across the NHS, for their hard work and dedication to patient care.