Former hairdresser Lauren made the cut to be a 999 call handler – could you?

Former hairdresser Lauren made the cut to be a 999 call handler – could you?

Female 999 call handler sat down in green uniform looking at camera

For Lauren Way, a former hairdresser from Lincoln, joining EMAS was something she never really considered until she was inspired by a friend who had recently joined.

Now Lauren has been working as a 999 call handler based at our Bracebridge Heath Emergency Operations Centre for the last six months and has thrown herself into every aspect of the role.

Lauren said: “I would watch a lot of the ‘ambulance’ style shows on tv but I never really thought about joining the service until my friend mentioned they had a job with EMAS.

“What I soon learnt is that it is so different to what you see on TV and is so much better. Every day is different, and you never really know what to expect.”

The last six months has seen some of the busiest times for our 999 call handlers with the control room receiving the same number of calls usually only seen over the New Year period.

Despite being only a few months into her new role, for Lauren this is a challenge she relishes.

“Being real and honest, it is a hard job and you do have challenging times but it really is so worth it. One week you can be dealing with cardiac arrests and saving someone’s life every shift when the following week you can be bringing a baby into the world.

“To know you have helped someone, given them more time with their family or brought a new life into the world is such an amazing feeling.

“That’s why I would encourage anyone who is thinking about joining to take that leap. I can honestly say in six months I have not looked back and I am enjoying every moment of it. The whole green family is so supportive and I am grateful to have my colleagues by my side.”

We’re looking for 999 call handlers to Join Our Big Green Family helping to support our patients across the East Midlands.

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Please remember as we head into our busiest time of year that Lauren and her colleagues in both our Bracebridge and Nottingham control rooms are working tirelessly to get ambulances to those patients who need them most.

If you're not feeling well, but it's not an emergency, you can help your NHS by using alternative NHS services near you or visiting NHS111 online at