Ambulance service contributes to the Hope Orchard

Ambulance service contributes to the Hope Orchard

Ambulance staff plant a tree Retford Ambulance station for the Hope Orchard project

The Garden Project team at Retford Ambulance Station has joined forces with Mid-Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership colleagues today to support the development of the Hope Orchard.

Fruit trees are being planted by NHS, social care and education teams as a commitment towards a healthy low carbon future for our children and planet. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on all communities, and as we start to emerge from the crisis we need to look forward to a healthy greener future for our communities. The Climate Action team at Sherwood is creating a Hope Orchard to link the importance of planetary health on human health. 

Contributing to the efforts today, the East Midlands Ambulance Service team at Retford planted a Morel Cherry tree. 

Claire Penney, a Paramedic based at Retford Ambulance Station, said:

“The Hope Orchard project is a great initiative and we were very keen to join in – it completely fits in with the ethos we’ve adopted for the development of our station garden. 

“Fruit trees bring with them several benefits – the beautiful blossom in the spring time and much needed nectar for bees and insects coming out of hibernation, the autumn harvest gives fruit home bakes which are a welcome treat for colleagues – and they provide a good home for minibeasts and birds as they grow.

“Our garden project has been designed with an eye to being as eco and wildlife friendly as possible, as well as improving our staff’s mental wellbeing by gardening and having a peaceful space to enjoy. We’ve been greatly supported with advice and guidance from our local mental health charity Muddy Fork, alongside the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, as well as our kind community.” 

Stacie Scullion, EMAS Sustainability, Energy and Compliance Manager said:

“Investing in biodiversity is a key component of the approach we’re taking at EMAS as we develop our Green Plan. The planting of this tree, together with the creation of green spaces for our ambulance clinicians and staff based across the East Midlands, will have a positive impact on the environment, whilst also helping us to improve their wellbeing and mental health.”