Mental health nurse recognised with top police award

Mental health nurse recognised with top police award

Ellen who has short, dark curled hair is wearing green uniform and smiling, whilst holding up her Lincolnshire police award. There is a picture of a yellow ambulance on the back wall.

A mental health nurse in our control room has received a Police Chief Constable’s Commendation Award for helping to save a patient’s life.

Ellen Taylor-Hird, based in our Bracebridge Heath Control Room in Lincolnshire, was nominated for the award following a call with a patient experiencing a mental health crisis.

Despite the call coming in the last twenty minutes of her shift, Ellen stayed on as she recognised the severity of the situation and after two hours and twenty minutes on the phone she was able to get the patient the help they needed.

Ellen explained how she professionally handled the incident. 

She said: "He would only engage with me for some reason, we had a bit of a therapeutic bond I suppose. We had a good chat about everything and in the end, he did agree to return to safety.

"I’ve been a qualified mental health nurse for thirteen years, so to me this is my job, but it’s always a good feeling when you get the right outcome for the patient."

Therefore, it was a big surprise when she came into work to find a letter detailing the award

She said: "My team leader told me I had got a letter from Lincolnshire Police so straight away I thought ‘oh no, I am in trouble here?’ I had no idea it would be for that job because it was months ago.

"It is my biggest achievement in my career and my teammates around me have been absolutely brilliant, spreading the word about it even though they know I don’t like the fuss."

Sadly, due to COVID-19, Ellen’s award presentation was not able to go ahead but the police still found a way to get it to her.

She said: "I didn’t get my sparkly night of cocktails, but I did get Mr Postman delivering it through my letterbox! Thankfully, I was also able to tell my mum about the award before she passed away this year."

A silver framed certificate of chief constables commendation, placed on a wooden table
The police still managed to get the award to Ellen

The award now resides at home on the wall (after a little convincing from Ellen’s husband) and her son is fascinated with it.

She said: "My little boy wants to be a police officer when he’s older and he keeps pointing to it and saying ‘did the policeman give you that one’?"