MBE for EMAS paramedic and Nottinghamshire's long serving special constable

MBE for EMAS paramedic and Nottinghamshire's long serving special constable

A black and white photograph, shoulders upwards of Alan Marwood smiling with police hat on. White text is written in the top right corner of the photo saying 'Alan Marwood, MBE.'

EMAS paramedic and Nottinghamshire Police's longest-serving volunteer cop and has received an MBE in this year’s Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Special Constable Alan Marwood, who celebrates his 50th year with the police force this year, will be presented with the accolade for services to policing.

Alan, 68, joined the force in 1970 and has policed many different areas across Nottinghamshire. He's been involved in some serious incidents, including one where he was shot at.

Alan’s close shave came in 1978 when he was trying to stop a gang who had targeted a cash-in-transit van in Upper Parliament Street in Nottingham.

SC Marwood pursued the robbers in a police van and chased them on foot after they left their vehicle. He was shot at three times with one of the bullets narrowly missing him.

He is no stranger to giving his time in the service of others having spent his career working for the East Midlands Ambulance Service where he now works for the Driving Education team and volunteering as a paramedic.

Alan found out about the award a month ago but is still getting used to the idea of being recognised. “It’s still a bit surreal”, he said. “I kept it under my hat but everyone’s been sending me texts today, my phone hasn’t stopped buzzing.”

The presentations this year will be Covid-secure, but Alan hopes his loved ones will be able to share the day with him. “My wife, family and daughters want to go and I’m sure my boss can get his boots polished for the day! We’re a closely knit team so it will be nice to share it with him too,” he said.

“My family are delighted. My youngest daughter saw it in the London Gazette and said she was going to frame it. My wife’s really proud as well – I’ve been promised a bottle of champagne tonight for my tea!”

Alan’s motivation stems from the values instilled in him by his father, who was in the Air Force. “My dad was my role model. He wouldn’t go out unless his shoes were polished and with a sharp crease in his trousers. He always said to be a man of your word and if you’re going to do something, do it well. That’s what I’m about.

“I’m nothing special – it’s just having standards and putting them into place. And if people are committing crimes, let’s have them locked up.” 

His father was a huge influence on him, but there’s one person in particular who Alan credits with his success. “The biggest thank you has got to go to my wife”, he said. “She puts up with me going out and she speaks a lot of common sense, especially when something’s bothering me. She supports me all the way through.

“My wife always makes the team a cake when I come on duty, so she makes her own contribution to Nottinghamshire Police as well!”

Although he is enjoying his retirement, Alan has no plans to slow down. “I still do a few shifts as a paramedic and on Saturday mornings it’s back to work as a special constable. It gets harder but I still enjoy the physical challenge. As long as you’re mentally and physically fit and capable, age is no barrier.”