Celebrating the nurses of EMAS - Karl Anderson

Celebrating the nurses of EMAS - Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson stood in green uniform with hands held behind back.
Karl Anderson is a Clinical Practice Tutor at our Clifton Education Centre, joined the NHS in 1989 and has been at EMAS for around three years. Here's his story.

"I first wanted to become a nurse after a secondary school work experience placement at a local hospital. I wanted to help people and care for them in their times of need and at their most vulnerable.

 "At that time, it was unusual for men to pursue nursing as a career. I always enjoyed a challenge and I thrive on achieving new goals; few other careers offer as much diversity, learning opportunities and specialities in which to work, coupled with the fact it is fast-paced and exciting.

"There have been many changes to the role since I started but I think the biggest change would have to be the advances made in medicine and the health professions, and how this continues to change and evolve.

"Keeping abreast of these rapid changes and developments in the NHS and healthcare is challenging – you simply cannot know everything about everything. Health professional’s roles are changing with a shift towards advanced and specialist roles. I am passionate about interprofessional practice in improving the patient experience and would like to see the role of ambulance nurses evolve and develop, especially as frontline ambulance clinicians. I feel nurses can complement the role of other ambulance clinicians, such as paramedics and technicians, and visa-versa to improve and enhance the care and treatment we offer our patients.

"As ‘corny’ as it sounds, the highlight of my career has been joining EMAS as a clinical tutor. Working in the ambulance service as a nurse has afforded me many opportunities and privileges I may not have otherwise got to experience in a traditional nursing role. I have completed my emergency response driving course, and a range of teaching and other clinical qualifications. I also work operationally as I think remaining clinically credible as a tutor is key. This all makes for a fantastic rewarding career a nurse in the ambulance service.