Celebrating the nurses of EMAS - Caren Chamberlain

Celebrating the nurses of EMAS - Caren Chamberlain

Caren Chamberlain sat in Horizon Place wearing green uniform and headset with christmas tinsel in hair, smiling.

Caren Chamberlain is an Emergency Operations Centre Clinical Advisor who joined the NHS in September 1988 and has been with EMAS since May 2019.

Here is her story on her career in nursing and beyond.

“From a young age I never wanted to do anything else. I joined St John Ambulance at 9 years old knowing that I always wanted to work in the caring profession.

“Before working in EMAS, I worked in critical care for 25 years with the role of the nurse evolving so much. Nurses are much more autonomous now and there are many more specialties.

“The hardest part I found is challenging decisions by consultants when I feel their treatment regime is not in my patient’s best interest. You get to know your patient through their family and friends. Being able to stand up to some consultants is not always easy and I have got myself into a few tight spots arguing for my patient!

“Throughout my career, I have had many highlights. This has included working at international events such as the London and Rio Olympic Games, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Glasgow Commonwealth games, the 2015 Rugby World Cup as well as local sporting events and Reading and Glastonbury Festivals.

“I have worked with medics from all backgrounds and nationalities all with a wealth of experience, all eager to help and learn from each other. A massive melting pot of talent, experience and knowledge."