An EMAZING engagement in Boston

An EMAZING engagement in Boston

Elliot and Emily stood in uniform together in front of an ambulance. Emily is showing the engagement ring on her finger.

A Boston ambulance technician has proposed to his Paramedic girlfriend Emily Howie in the back of the ambulance where they first met - and she said yes!

Boston Technician Elliot Darlow popped the question to his girlfriend during their lunch break last week. 

Elliot met Emily when he was working as a Handover Practitioner at Boston Pilgrim.

Elliot said: "Emily and I first started talking when she would be handing over a patient.

"From there we started messaging each other and that led to us meeting up outside of our work to go on a date."

Nearly everyone at Boston Ambulance Station knew that Elliot was preparing to propose to Emily, but no-one knew exactly where and when it would happen.

That's when Elliot came up with the perfect idea.

He said: "Emily had always said that if someone was ever going to propose to her that she would want it to be as memorable as possible.

"I arranged for Emily to be working on the ambulance with Callsign 7125 that evening as that is the vehicle on which we first met."

During their night shift, fate would have it that both Emily and Elliot were stood down for their meal breaks at the same time and Elliot seized his opportunity.

Emily said: "I was in complete shock at first and totally surprised, but it didn't take me long for me to say yes!"

The happy couple are yet to set a date in the diary for the big day but we wish them all the best for their future together.

Emily and Elliot's hands together on top of the bonnet of an ambulance car, with an engagement ring on Emily's finger