Amanda looks forward to her third Christmas on duty in her 'dream job'

Amanda looks forward to her third Christmas on duty in her ‘dream job’

Amanda Crawford wearing green uniform stood in front of lit christmas tree smiling with her hands together.

Amanda Crawford, from our Nottingham control centre, will be leaving her husband and two daughters at home for a third Christmas this year, as she clocks on for duty as Community First Responder (CFR) Dispatcher.

Amanda, from Mansfield, applied to join EMAS six years ago after surviving bacterial meningitis – a period of great reflection for her.

Amanda, 47, formerly a Highways England Traffic Officer, spent nine days in a coma in hospital.

“It was a scary time for the whole family, but it gave me the chance to really think about what’s most important.

“Working for the ambulance service was something I’d always dreamed of doing, and I just thought, now’s the time,” she said.

After three years as an emergency medical dispatcher, Amanda now coordinates and dispatches CFRs to the most appropriate calls.

“I absolutely love my job as the team spirit is incredible. I think it's because no one else can understand the ups and downs, and the pain and elation you can experience on a 12-hour shift.

“And what can I say about our CFR volunteers - they are amazing. What they do and what they sacrifice for their communities is unreal. It’s a huge privilege to work with them and while we know it’ll be a really busy time, I’ll be doing all I can to make their shifts extra special this Christmas.”