The Big 3 - Collaborate

The Big 3 - Collaborate

The third in our new series of short animations looks at the ‘collaborate’ element of The Big 3. 

The Big 3 Collaborate animation screen shot

During 2018, we engaged with staff, and organisations and individuals with an interest in our services, to create The Big 3: Respond | Develop | Collaborate – a summary of EMAS’ refreshed vision, strategic objectives and organisational values.

Everyone at EMAS has a part to play in the development of services and colleagues are helping us to tell our Big 3 story through a new series of short animations created to support our staff engagement and involvement programme.

We’re also using augmented reality technology to literally bring our Big 3 posters to life.

Whilst the primary target audience for the animations is EMAS staff, the short films are being broadcast via EMAS social media accounts and will be used at appropriate meetings and events in the community where the topic featured will be of interest to people in attendance.

The Big 3 is designed to guarantee EMAS is fit for the future. 

Collaboration is a big part of our strategic and operational approach. We want to improve outcomes for our patients, and improve services for our staff, and this cannot be achieved by EMAS alone.

The Big 3 collaborate objective:

We will collaborate with partners and other organisations to reduce healthcare demand and improve wider healthcare.

We will know we have achieved this when:

  • We have led and contributed to improvements in key areas of healthcare that matter most to EMAS, our patients and our partners across the area we serve. We will focus on specific areas with system partners during engagement, including:      

More patients appropriately treated at home where safe or closer to home (non-conveyance).

Closer collaboration between the two regional clinical hubs (999 and 111).

Mental health (prevention and demand management).

Public education (management and prevention).

Access to improved pathways.

Further develop our relationship with 111 to ensure patients access the most appropriate care.

Our local communities are accessing emergency and urgent care services in the most appropriate way, based on their clinical needs.

It’s our vision to become leaders in areas of work including mental health, patient safety and developing and embedding the paramedic skillset on multi-disciplinary team approaches across wider healthcare (led by EMAS).

Over the coming months we will be holding more conversations with colleagues and stakeholders to help us progress this work.