Nottingham mum who suffered cardiac arrest in front of her family reunited with ambulance heroes

Nottingham mum who suffered cardiac arrest in front of her family reunited with ambulance heroes

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A Nottingham mum whose heart stopped beating in front of her seven-year-old daughter, partner, and ambulance crew has be reunited with the emergency team who saved her life.

Back in May, Sam Dixon, 43, from Attenborough, started experiencing severe sharp stabbing pains which radiated from her chest and into her jaw.

Moments later, Sam started to sweat heavily, and her skin started to change colour.

Sam said: “I had been on a lovely day out with my partner Dan and our seven-year-old daughter Katie and none of us had any idea as to what was about to unfold later that day.

“When we all got back home Katie wanted to plant some marigolds in the garden.

“I went upstairs to get changed into suitable gardening gear when I started to feel the symptoms of a heart attack and I got Dan to phone 999.”

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Wayne Stevenson checked in on Sam while she was in hospital.

Dan recalled the moment he made that phone call, saying: "I didn't think that she was actually having a heart attack but I knew something was obviously wrong.

"I remember thinking that I had to get help for her as quickly as possible and luckily they arrived within about ten minutes."

It was lucky that Sam and Dan acted quickly on their suspicions as Sam went into cardiac arrest minutes after the ambulance crew arrived.

Dan said: "It was horrific because up until that point Katie had been holding her mum's hand and keeping her calm while she was laying on the floor.

"Sam was still awake and conscious at this point but three or four minutes later, she started going into full cardiac arrest.

"We went from having two ambulance people in the house which then rose to four and then the air ambulance dropped in as well and landed in the field near to our house, it was just surreal!"

EMAS technician, Dave Seaton, was one of the first people to arrive at the scene alongside Paramedic, Wendy Thomas.

Dave said: “When I arrived, Sam was laying on the ground and I helped her to stand up, so I could sit her on the sofa for a proper assessment.

“We had been having a conversation, but once she sat down on the sofa she just went into cardiac arrest in front of us all.

“Her partner and daughter were in the room with us at the time and the whole thing was rather traumatic, even with my 34 years of experience in the job.”

Dave and Wendy agreed that it was in Sam's best interests to request assistance from another crew - trainee Paramedic, Steve Hanson and Technician, Wayne Stevenson.

Fast Response Paramedic, Michael Sobeye, was also present.

Wayne said: "When we arrived it was chaos, the young girl was crying and the partner was very upset.

"Dave also looked exhausted as he had been performing CPR on Sam for quite some time so I told him that I would take over.

Steve said: "Dave and Wendy had already done an amazing job and we just took over from there."

After continuing with the CPR, Wayne found a rhythm in Sam's heart and shocked her. The crew then managed to find a pulse.

The air ambulance doctors then arrived on the scene and Sam was transported to Queen's Medical Centre for stabilisation and then treated in the Trent Cardiac Centre at City Hospital.

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After what she's been through, Sam believes it's important that as many people as possible learn basic CPR skills.

She said: "I was really lucky because my cardiac arrest happened just after the ambulance crew arrived. If I had been on my own or with people who didn't know who to do I really would have been struggling.

"Dan is a first-aider so hopefully he would of done CPR had he needed to but I would definitely love to learn how to do CPR and everyone should."

Young Katie added: "In case daddy or anyone else that you know has a heart attack so you can help them."