Little five-year-old Emily receives bravery award for ringing 999 for unconscious mum

Little five-year-old Emily receives bravery award for ringing 999 for unconscious mum

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A five-year-old girl from Scunthorpe received a bravery award at her school from EMAS after she came to her mum’s rescue when she fell down the stairs and hit her head, knocking her unconscious.

Little Emily Guymer discovered her mum, Nicole, unconscious at the bottom of the stairs in their family home at 12.31pm on 14 August.

Despite being faced with a distressing situation, Emily remained calm, tried to wake her mum up, and then retrieved her mum’s phone so that she could then call 999.

Nicole had been recovering from a previous serious back injury and was using crutches to move around the house.

As she got near to the bottom of the stairs Nicole felt a horrendous pain from a slipped disk, which made her lose her balance and fall.

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Nicole said: "I'm extremely proud of Emily. She has been amazing throughout the whole award ceremony just like on the day when she had to ring 999 for me.

"When EMAS let me listen to the 999 call I just started sobbing because I couldn't believe what she had done and how professional she sounded as well.

"Even though she was upset at the beginning of the phone call she became an adult really quickly and saved me so she's amazing."

Nicole had previously taught Emily their home address and also how to unlock her mummy's mobile phone and call 999 in an emergency.

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Emily with Nicole.
999 Call Taker, Samantha Lyttle, spoke to Emily on the phone and she was also impressed by the remarkable young girl.

Samantha said: "“She didn’t know exactly what had happened to her mummy, but she listened to all my instructions which meant that Nicole was able to get the medical help she needed. 

"Emily was able to tell me that her mummy's breathing was fine and gave her lots of reassurance until the ambulance arrived.

"I don't often get to meet the people who I speak to on the other end of the line and it was nice to meet Emily, particularly as she is so young and was so scared at the time."

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Emily pictured with Call Taker - Samantha Lyttle. From left to right behind is Technician - Yvette Ray, Fast Response Paramedic - Martyn Brown and Paramedic - Chris Gough.
During the phone call, Emily managed to unlock the door so Fast Response Paramedic, Martyn Brown, could enter the house and start treating Nicole.

He said: "Emily was still on the phone to the call taker at this time and she was very calm and collected and I was impressed straight away.

"Emily was able to tell me that her mum had an existing back injury, which made moving her quite difficult but because Emily was able to give me that information I called for backup and myself, Chris and Yvette were prepared for the next appropriate steps in Nicole's care."

Elaine Juppe, headteacher at Willoughby Road Primary Academy, said: "We teach the children about being able to tell the emergency services basic information such as their name and where they live.

"Emily has managed to do this and it's made all her classmates very proud of her."