Emergency Services Rescue Day is fast approaching in Lincolnshire

Emergency Services Rescue Day is fast approaching in Lincolnshire

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Rescue Day is tomorrow (Saturday 13 July) and the excitement is reaching fever-pitch.

The event brings together as many of the Rescue Services as possible in one place to demonstrate what they do and how they do it.

Chris Long, Event Director for Rescue Day said: “We’ve got a simulated railway crossing scenario, road traffic collisions, water rescues, and an aviation incident this year.

“This will see ‘causalities’ and emergency services working together to showcase to the public what it is we do during someone’s time of need.”

You will have the opportunity to publicly engage with your Police, Fire, Ambulance, Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Coastguard, Water Rescue, Highways and Recovery teams.

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Something to look out for during the day is the Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team making their entrance from a helicopter and descending into Clearwater Lake.

Rescue boats from Police, Fire, and Ambulance will collect them from the water after their descent.

EMAS Paramedic, Pete Lewin, will also be Clearwater Lake with his four Newfoundland water rescue dogs Storm, Sonar, Stanley, and Walker.

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Pete Lewin with a couple of his rescue dogs

Pete and his rescue dogs have become a staple of Rescue Day for the past 10 years, and he usually gets a massive response from the public.

He said: “Even the kids that are reluctant to get into the water want to swim with the dogs.

“It’s a real confidence booster for them and it makes overcoming their fear of the water a possible step because they know they are going to be safe.

“The dogs are a natural around water with their big double coats that help them float and big webbed feet, along with their instinct to save people.”

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Railway crossing collision simulator

While the day should be a thrilling experience for all, safety is the key message of the event.

General Manager for Lincolnshire Division, Sue Cousland said: “It’s really important that we engage with the public and especially children and young people about how to keep safe and vigilant.

“Rescue Day provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate all the different situations that people could find themselves in if they are not careful.

“I hope that this will ignite a new-found respect for the work of the emergency services and educates the public on the appropriate time to call 999.”

Rescue Day will be happening on Saturday 13 July at 7 Lakes Country Park. Gates open from 9.30am. To purchase tickets please click here.

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