EMAS gets creative with its communications and engagement programme

EMAS gets creative with its communications and engagement programme

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During 2018, we engaged with staff, and organisations and individuals with an interest in our services, to create The Big 3: Respond | Develop | Collaborate – a summary of EMAS’ refreshed vision, strategic objectives and organisational values.

Melanie Wright,  EMAS Assistant Director of Communications said: “We’re a 24/7 emergency NHS organisation and most of our workforce are out in the community, working in all weathers and often in challenging circumstances or environments. As a busy service, there are demands on our time and so it’s vital that we continue to develop how we engage with our colleagues and focus attention on key areas of our work.

“It’s also important that we involve colleagues in roles and from departments across the service to tell our Big 3 story – everyone has a part to play in the development of services.

“We’re boosting our communications and engagement programme with the launch of new animations featuring real EMAS people, and the use of augmented reality technology to literally bring our Big 3 posters to life. Staff have been encouraged to apply to be one of the avatars in a future animation, explaining why they would like to be considered, and how they can support The Big 3 campaign.

“In addition to locally led staff engagement sessions, following a successful pilot last year, we are planning more of our Conversation Cafe tours to take place across the region, allowing our staff time to engage with the EMAS Executive and Senior Management teams to hear how we are improving both staff and patient services, and to share their ideas and views.”

Whilst the primary target audience for the animations is EMAS staff, the short films are being broadcast via EMAS social media accounts, and will be used at appropriate meetings and events in the community where the topic featured will be of interest or use to people in attendance.  

The first in the new series of short animations is launched today to focus on the ‘respond’ element of The Big 3. 


  • We will respond to patient needs in the most right way
  • We will know we have achieved this when:
    - We are making full use of the care pathways available, safely treating patients at home. 
    - We have the right number of staff in post with the right mix of skills, knowledge and training to respond flexibly to all patient needs based on our workforce plan.
    - We have the right number, type and age of vehicles on the road to meet the requirements of our workforce plan.
    - We have access to the right equipment, ambulances and staff to meet patient demand and need.

Respond means ‘to do something as a reaction to someone or something’. It’s a reactive term, but our strategic approach is proactive. It’s our vision to become leaders in:

  • our use of innovative technological solutions
  • our proactive work on mental health
  • work on patient safety
  • ensuring equality and diversity within our workforce
  • demonstrating international best practice for our clinical outcomes for patients with cardiac arrest
  • developing and embedding the paramedic skillset in multi-disciplinary team approaches across wider healthcare (led by EMAS)
  • our proactive work with partners on public education (management and prevention) within our local communities
  • developing a positive organisational culture that means staff want to work here and have high levels of satisfaction
  • identifying and managing sepsis (across all geographies), building on the success of our pilot within Lincolnshire

We’re already making good progress and over the coming months our animations and feature articles will appear in our digital staff and stakeholder magazines to evidence how we’re developing and improving services for patients and staff.