East Midlands Ambulance Service introduce What3Words

East Midlands Ambulance Service introduce What3Words

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The What3Words system is now up and running at EMAS, with just three words being used to find a person’s location in an emergency.

What3Words have divided the world into 3m x 3m squares each having its own unique 3-word identifier, such as ivory.elastic.plot for Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire or popped.faced.lied for Lincoln Castle.

Time is critical in an emergency, and identifying the correct location is vitally important.

When calling 999, if a member of the public is unsure of their location, our call handlers will advise the use of What3Words so they can pinpoint the exact location.

This means whether you are in the most remote locations such as the Peak District, on the beach at Skegness or in your local high street, we will be able to find you.

You can use the app offline which means even without internet connectivity, we will still be able to find you.

Neil Spencer, EOC Service Improvement Manager at East Midlands Ambulance Service said:

“The introduction of What3Words will help us immensely when trying to reach patients quickly and effectively who are unsure of where they are.

“Finding the correct location of patients when time is critical can sometimes be a challenge, but this service will make such a difference when we receive calls to parts of the East Midlands which are very remote.

“Thanks to What3Words, we will now be able to pinpoint exactly where the patient is and get them the help that they need.”

What3Words is free to use and you can access w3w either via a mobile app or through the w3w website.