Damage caused to Fast Response Vehicle by vandals in Ashby

Damage caused to Fast Response Vehicle by vandals in Ashby

Damaged FRV

Police have launched an investigation after a Fast Response Vehicle was damaged in Market Street, Ashby in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The vandalism took place as a member of our crew was attending an incident at a nearby nightclub between 2.20am and 3.45am.

When the paramedic returned to the vehicle, they found the bonnet of the car was scratched and the front offside door was dented.

Kelvin Langford, Security Management Specialist for EMAS, said:

Damage like this to our emergency vehicles is totally unacceptable.

Our staff work hard every day to deliver the best possible care to our patients and attacks like this make their job even harder.

“Vandalism takes a lifesaving vehicle off the road as mechanics and colleagues in our fleet team work hard to get it back out on the road and ready to respond to patients and takes money away from spending on extra crews or lifesaving equipment.

"We ask people to treat all NHS staff with respect. Abuse of our staff and damage to our vehicles will not be tolerated and we will pursue the maximum penalty when this happens.”