Timelapse shows critical kit takes time

Timelapse shows critical kit takes time

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A long-serving member of staff has revealed she has spent almost 5,000 hours cleaning and kitting out every brand new ambulance rolled out since 2009.

Carol Robinson, who works as an Ambulance Support Team Member at our Alfreton workshop, works behind the scenes making sure each and every EMAS vehicle is ready to enable our crews to save lives.

In the last nine years, Carol has kitted out 370 ambulances which take 10 hours each to clean and stock, and 241 Fast Response Vehicles and Patient Transport Services ambulances – reaching a grand total of 4,900 hours.

Without Carol, our EMAS ambulances would not be able to go out onto the road to save lives.

As part of the roll out of 68 brand new ambulances across the East Midlands and to demonstrate how much work goes into preparing an ambulance ready for the road, Carol has taken part in a time lapse.

During the stocking process, Carol must ensure every piece of equipment on the ambulance is in the right place, is in date and is ready to help save a life.

Carol said that she feels proud every time she stands back to look at a fully-stocked ambulance, and it is a privilege to see the brand new vehicles.

She said: “The ambulances are my babies so it’s a shame to see them go and leave the nest. But I get 100% job satisfaction."

Each of the new Fiat Ducatos ambulances costs around £125,000 to have built and kitted out, and can carry 4.2 tonnes.