Patient who suffered heart attack on wedding anniversary meets lifesavers

Patient who suffered heart attack on wedding anniversary meets lifesavers

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A patient who suffered a heart attack on his wedding anniversary almost exactly two years ago has thanked the team who came to his rescue.

Mark Alliott, 51, from Long Eaton, was at home at around 5.30pm on 24 June, 2016, when he began to suffer central chest pain.

Mark’s wife, Janet, called for an ambulance at 6.08pm as she was concerned about him, and ambulance technician Michael Hoy from Carlton arrived in an ambulance car just 7 minutes later to start treatment.

Technicians Beverly Porteus and Rachel Roe from Willow Row arrived shortly afterwards in a crewed ambulance to take Mark to hospital, but he was adamant that he did not want to go as he wanted to spend the evening at home with his wife and family.

After some convincing, Mark was taken to Royal Derby Hospital on blue lights and sirens where he had three stents fitted in his heart and spent the next five days in hospital.

Mark has since had an internal defibrillator fitted, which has hopefully increased his life expectancy from years to decades, and he has now met Mick, Beverly and Rachel at Stapleford Ambulance Station.

He said: “I have been looking for Mick and the crew ever since, because I wanted to say thank you.

“Now my family and I have finally got the chance to say thank you.”

Mark, his family and his friends  have raised funds for the cardiology unit at Royal Derby Hospital and have now decided to take on Sober October in the autumn to raise additional money for EMAS.

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