Oakham Mum and baby are reunited with ambulance crew that delivered him

Born in the back of an ambulance

Oakham baby reunion.jpg

Sinead Pole was 38 weeks pregnant with her second child when she started having contractions in the early the hours of a frosty morning in December. 

Initially she dismissed these as Braxton Hicks rather than real labour pains, however, when the contractions became more frequent she called 999. 

Ambulance Technician Amanda Smith and Emergency Care Assistant Anthony ‘Tony’ Graham arrived at Sinead’s home in Oakham soon after the 999 call to find her on the floor. As Sinead was clearly in labour they decided to take her to the Leicester Royal Infirmary.  

As everyone left for the hospital, Sinead’s partner Adam stayed at home to look after their three-year-old daughter, Scarlett. 

A few minutes into the journey, Sinead’s contractions became even more frequent and the amniotic sack had started to appear even though her waters had not broken. At this point Ambulance Technician Amanda Smith knew that they would not be able to make it to hospital as the baby wasn’t going to wait.

Amanda said: “I remember going to the window of the cab of the ambulance and shouting to my crew mate Tony to pull over because the baby was coming”. 

Baby Joshua was born within five minutes of the ambulance stopping. 

For mum, Sinead it was a frightening experience. She said: “I thought that my baby had died. He was born with the sack around his head, and he did not make any sounds for what seemed like a long time, but of course it was only a few seconds. 

“It was such an emotional time. It will be something that I will never be able to forget.

"The ambulance crew were amazing and I can’t thank them enough." 

For Amanda, who has been with EMAS for three years, Joshua is the sixth baby that she has helped to deliver. For Tony, who has been with EMAS for five years, this was his first birth. He said: “This was a very special night for me. It was my very first delivery. I was so elated. It was like witnessing a miracle.” 

Sinead, Adam and baby Joshua were reunited with Amanda and Tony last week at Oakham Ambulance Station.