Mum reunited with ambulance crew who saved her unborn baby's life

Mum reunited with ambulance crew who saved her unborn baby's life

Emily Dunn

An expectant mother feared for her and her baby’s life when her waters broke at home and she delivered the baby’s cord.

Beverley Wood, 32, from Beeston, was 38 weeks pregnant with her second child when labour took an unexpected turn and she felt the cord between her legs.

Having attended prenatal appointments she knew how dangerous this was because a prolapsed cord can starve the unborn baby of oxygen, leading to brain damage or death.

Thankfully 999 call handler Georgetta Goulds was able to flag the call as time critical meaning ambulance crew Michael Halpin, Stuart Warsop, and Richard Henton were on scene within 6 minutes of the 999 call and were able to intervene to save baby’s life.


Beverley said: “When they turned up I was so relieved. I knew time was of the essence but despite the seriousness of the situation the team were so reassuring and kind to me.”

The crew rushed Beverley straight into the maternity operating theatre after pre-alerting staff at Queens Medical Centre that they were on their way.

“I remember seeing the paramedics dressing the theatre team and hearing the organised chaos around me as they prepared to put my under anaesthetic. All I was thinking was please let my baby be ok.”

Baby Aoife was born by caesarean on 3 January 2018 and after being resuscitated has now recovered from her dramatic entry into the wold. Beverly, Aoife and 5 year old big brother Finley met the team who helped them.

"It's been amazing to see them again" said Beverley. "They continue to be so lovely and will be a part of Aoife's story forever."

Stuart Warsop, Ambulance Technician said: “These types of jobs thankfully don’t come around very often but when they do they leave a lasting impression. We did everything we could to help Beverley and only when the family wrote to us to say thank you did we hear that both mum and baby were doing well. It’s an honour and a privilege to see the family again.”