Little girl thanks ambulance crew after falling from her pony

Little girl thanks ambulance crew after falling from her pony

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Left to right- Paramedic Trevor Wain, Sophie Taylor and Technician Joe Hemming

A horse mad girl who fell from her pony and fractured her jaw has said thank you to the ambulance crew who blue lighted her to hospital for treatment.

Sophie Taylor, from south Lincolnshire, fell from her pony Molly on 16 September while competing at an event in Harlaxton.

The eight-year-old had just won a third-place veteran class rosette and was attaching it to Molly when the pony was spooked and jumped forward, causing Sophie to fall.

Sophie’s foot became stuck in the stirrup and while hanging underneath Molly, the 21-year-old pony’s hoof trampled on Sophie’s face.

Sophie’s Mum Hayley screamed for somebody to call 999 and within minutes Paramedic Trevor Wain and Technician Joe Hemming were on the scene.

Technician Joe said: “Sophie clearly had an injury to her face and jaw, she was repetitive and kept asking us what day it was – we were concerned that she may have suffered a head trauma and rushed her straight to Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.”

Mum Hayley travelled in the ambulance with Sophie. She said it was an extremely scary moment for her as a mother but within minutes Trevor and Joe were treating Sophie and calming her down.

“Trevor and Joe were amazing, they were absolute stars with me and Sophie,” said Hayley.

She had suffered a fracture to her jaw but was discharged from hospital later that day after a computed tomography (CT) scan confirmed she hadn’t suffered any brain trauma.

After Sophie was discharged from hospital her priority was to make thank you cards for the ambulance crew and hospital staff. She made a card for Trevor and Joe that read: “Thank you for taking me to hospital after I fell off my pony, love Sophie.”

Sophie, her two brothers Benjamin and Oliver, Mum Hayley and Dad Martin visited Sleaford Ambulance Station to say thank you to Trevor and Joe.

Sophie, Benjamin and Oliver also had the opportunity to look around the joint ambulance and fire station, speak to ambulance and fire staff and learn how crews respond to emergencies.

Sophie was unable to remember anything from the accident so welcomed the chance to look around an ambulance and press the lights and sirens.

Paramedic Trevor said: “It was humbling that somebody of eight years old took the time to write us a card and thank us. To see her today back to her usual self is great.”


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Sophie with pony Molly